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The Indifferent Stars Above: The Harrowing Saga of a Donner Party Bride by Daniel James Brown

The Indifferent Stars Above
The Indifferent Stars Above: The Harrowing Saga of a Donner Party Bride by Daniel James Brown

Ever heard of the term “gastronomic incest”? No? I hadn’t either, but I definitely got schooled on the topic while reading this one. This book about the Donner Party was fascinating and not just because I got to read gorey details about cannibalism. This story just really, really put life into perspective. I remember thinking to myself, “It sucks that I ran out of milk and I stubbed my toe, but WHOA. At least I’m not trekking through twenty-five feet of snow while snowblind, sustaining myself only on shoe leather.”

Which brings us back to the gastronomic incest. There were so many details about the Donner Party having to resort to feasting on dead family members and friends that I’m sure I gasped out loud for pages and pages on end. Reading about a woman salivating over the scent of her own husband’s heart roasting over a fire is, well, crazy and upsetting. As I said, there was plenty of these sort of details, but the narrative was written in such a way that you were just PULLING for these people to make it through. We all know how the story ends, but I was hoping that somehow, in an alternate universe, these people would have made different decisions and hadn’t faced such ridiculous odds. Clearly, they were doomed from the beginning. From the decision to waste time looking for cattle, to the lying idiot that told them that they could take a shortcut that would save them time (I’m looking at you, Lansford Warren Hastings).  In this case, that time “saved” equaled certain death. The author made the observation that had the Donner Party trek occurred with modern transportation, they could have made the same journey over the mountains in approximately seven minutes. SEVEN MINUTES.

This book was well-researched and included a lot of historical details about what life in general was like in 1867. When a party member died, for example, he discusses funeral customs. There are also descriptions about hygiene practices from that era and it made me want to grab a toothbrush. Descriptions of the effects of UV rays on eyesight, hypothermia and mortality rates are also provided, which allows the reader to really grasp what these people were encountering. It was an easy, fast-paced and satisfying book.

Let’s just say I devoured it.


If you like this, you might also enjoy this book about a giant, deadly FIRE STORM that happened in Hinckley, MN in 1894. It’s called Under a Flaming Sky and it’s written by the same author, Daniel James Brown.

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Need a Happy Cry? Check Out These Four Stories

Death, despair, tragedy, and misfortune are normally my JAM, right? Well, I’ve got to say that right now, I’m kind of over it. Not totally over it (don’t worry), but sometimes I need a reminder that the world isn’t completely full of a-holes. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get all intense on you.  I’m just going to give you four stories that’ll make your heart grow a little bigger and make you weep some tears of joy (get your cry on, girl!).

  • Check out this 94-year-old widower who was lonely and created his own bit of happiness in his backyard.


  • This kid is from my hometown and he worked hard all summer to honor the father he never knew. If I ever run into him, I’m totally giving him a hug whether he wants one or not.


  • This story is one of my FAVORITES. Two guys mistakenly get a text message about a new baby and, well, they were really cute about it.


  • A friendship between a preschooler and a WW2 vet is rare thing. Be prepared to smile and cry and clutch your heart because there is just so much love going on here. I just watched this for, oh, the 10th time and I still cried.

Aren’t these people great? See, there ARE good things happening all the time, but sometimes we have to look a little harder. I hope these little gems brightened up your day.

Do you have a good story? Let’s hear it!