Appreciating the dark side of life since 1975.

About Me

“Tara is The Brightside. Death is the inspiration.”

That quote up there? I didn’t write it, but it I couldn’t have said it any better if I tried (and I’ve tried). My whole life, I’ve been drawn to the dark and depressing and I’ve never quite known why. What I’ve come to realize is that you can’t have the light without the dark and, well, I guess that means I spend a lot of time in the dark. I like to read books about tragedy, I find Forensic Files to be soothing and I’m a sucker for a good cemetery tour. In some backwards way, all of this down-in-the-dumps stuff helps me to appreciate my life. I mean, what’s worse? Waiting in a too-long line at Target or finding out your dad is a serial killer?

This doesn’t mean that I’m weird or not fun. Well, maybe I’m a little weird, but I promise, I am a GOOD time (you should come over to one of our parties–we’ll bust out the Prince!). Also, I’m finding that there are a lot of people out there that like this stuff, too, they just never want to admit it. If this sounds like you, I think we’re going to be the best of friends.

Other than all of this, I like to eat chicken wings, I freak out if I lose my Chapstick, I buy WAY too many books and I like to hang out with these two fellas you see below. Aren’t we cute?

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