Appreciating the dark side of life since 1975.


I am the kind of person that picks a book about North Korea for book club (hey, people loved it!). I tend to be drawn to the darker parts of life (books with some sort of tragic tale + sad documentaries + obsessively reading about unsavory human beings) and have a tendency to force my gory stories on others. MOST people like to hear my yarns and, I swear, I’m not a giant bummer to be around. So, if you like to settle in with the Sunday Obituary section of the newspaper or put “Visit the Museum of Death” at the top of your travel itinerary, we’re going to be good friends. Cool? Cool.

Besides that, I like to eat chicken wings, obsessively use Chapstick and peruse travel books to plan my next vacation (Catacombs of Paris, here I come!). I’ve got two dudes that I spend a lot of time with, also. My cool husband, who tolerates my obsessions, and my sweet, little 5-year-old buddy. Aren’t we cute?


P.S. Everything on my site is MINE (unless otherwise stated). Don’t steal anything because stealing is not nice. Also, I am a part of the Amazon Affiliate program which means that I can be rewarded if you purchase anything off of my site. This does NOT raise the price of the item you’re buying. I wouldn’t do that to you.


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