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Brightside Brief

Brightside Brief

It’s Sunday and it’s time for some murder, book talk, John Carpenter and more murder. This is the best of the best stuff that I’ve seen recently on the interwebs or that I saw awhile ago, but STILL think about. If I’m still thinking about something it probably means either A: I’m anxiously ruminating on some inconsequential manner like whether I put enough tomatoes on that dinner salad or B: Something super crazy, weird, disturbing happened and I can’t stop thinking about WHY? HUH? WHAT?

Anyway, here are some of my favorites from category B:

  • The story of Tyler Hadley and the murder of his parents in Florida. This high school kid had a troubled history which got even more troubled when he decided to kill his parents and then have a party IN THE SAME HOUSE ON THE SAME NIGHT. You know, pretty normal teenage things, right? Can you imagine finding out that you were ripping it up at a friend’s house and then finding out Mom was dead under a pile of furniture in  the bedroom? Yeah, me neither.
  • I posted about this on my Facebook page earlier in the week, but it bears repeating. Did you know that there is a possible serial killer terrorizing the neighborhood of Seminole Heights in Tampa, Florida? I can’t remember the last time I heard about a possible ACTIVE serial killer being investigated. Long story short, DO NOT TAKE THE BUS.
  • I’m thinking about my Christmas list already and this book is at the top of said list. It’s the New York Times Book of the Dead which contains 320 obituaries + access to 10,000 digital obituaries that you can search by name. Nothing says a cozy Christmas Eve like snuggling up with a cup of hot chocolate and book about dead people, right?
  • I’m assuming most of you know the story of Sarah Winchester? She was the heir to the Winchester gun fortune who became convinced that her mansion was cursed by the souls of those killed by a Winchester gun and proceeds to go nuts putting continuous additions on her house. She had carpenters working day and night to build staircases that go nowhere, mazes, drains in sinks were made to have 13 holes, 13 candles in the chandelier, you get the idea. It evenutally had 161 rooms and one toilet (the other bathrooms were fakes used to trick the ghosts….good one Mrs. Winchester!). ANYWAY, there is a movie coming out in February starring Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester. She is going to act the HECK out of this thing! I can’t wait to see it. Here’s the trailer.
  • Halloween is coming in a couple of days and it wouldn’t be the same without, well, Halloween, the movie. On November 7th, I’m going to see THE John Carpenter (you know, the movie’s director and composer of the theme song) perform songs from this and other movies. You might be like, meh, that sounds boring, but when that Halloween theme song kicks in, it’s going to be nuts. I’m hoping I won’t be scarred for life, that song constantly in my head and my eyes dried out from being on the lookout for Mike Meyers around that bush over there.

I hope you enjoy these little tidbits and it makes your Sunday a little more exciting.

See ya next week!

p.s. How about that dead Mom under that chair?


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