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Kurt and Courtney: The Saga Continues

Kurt and Courtney: The Saga Continues

Did you guys hear the story about Courtney Love wanting to have her ex-son-in-law murdered? No? Well, lemme tell ya a story.

Before I embark on the details, I have to admit something. I totally think she killed Kurt. I have obsessively read books, watched movies, and fallen into Cobain conspiracy theory rabbit holes on the internet. I just fell into another one 3 minutes ago when I needed to remind myself about El Duce. For those not in the know, El Duce was a crusty punk dude from the band, The Mentors. He was the guy that Courtney offered to pay $50,000 to in exchange for killing Kurt. Supposedly, he turned Courtney down, a guy named Allen Wrench (another crust punk dude) did it and then when El Duce was going to rat Mr. Wrench out, Mr. Duce mysteriously died. It should be noted that before he died, he completed a lie detector test and, as Maury would say, it was with 99% certainty that El Duce WAS TELLING THE TRUTH. Did you follow all of that? That was KIND OF a lot of information.

Other questions that always pop up are: Would Kurt have been able to shoot himself with that much heroin in his system? Why were there no fingerprints on the gun? What’s with those copies of paper where it looked like Courtney had been practicing Kurt’s handwriting? Get the picture? Just watch Soaked In Bleach and you’ll totally be on the Courtney-killed-Kurt train. Choo-choo!

Kurt and Courtney: The Saga Continues

Fast forward to this week when court records were released of Isaiah Silva’s lawsuit against Courtney. Who is Isaiah Silva, you ask? He is Frances Bean Cobain’s now ex-husband. In the lawsuit, he is claiming that Courtney, along with Ross Butler (actor) and Courtney’s manager, Sam Lufti, plied Frances Bean Cobain with drugs in order to “weaken” her and to take advantage of her. Courtney also hatched a plot to kidnap Silva.  First off, do you remember Sam Lufti? He is the owner of SIX various restraining orders and has “represented” female stars like Britney, Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes. He was the gentleman that was representing Britney during her shaved head/swinging an umbrella around phase. Courtney Love now seems like the only one crazy enough to think that having Sam Lufti represent her would be a GREAT idea.

Anyway, so why would Silva be kidnapped, you ask? TO KILL HIM. The best part? It’s over ownership of a freaking guitar.

This guitar, which Kurt used on the 1993 MTV’s Unplugged appearance, was already determined by the courts to be owned by Isaiah Silva (he said that Frances gave it to him for an engagement gift). So, a judge had already said that this guitar ship had SAILED, but we’re dealing with Courtney here, so, yeah. She had Sam Lufti and Ross Butler kidnap Isaiah from his home and throw him in a Cadillac, with the intention of killing him and setting it up to look like a suicide. Unfortunately, they weren’t counting on him having a buddy over who called the police. The LAPD chased them down, helicopters blazing and streets blockaded. It’s also been reported that he had previously called the police to report that someone had been hacking into his phone and was sending fake messages to friends stating that he was suicidal. No charges were pressed after the incident because Lufti warned Isaiah that Love owned the LAPD, the judicial system and the media and nobody would believe him. He ultimately stated that it was a prank.

Like what the hell? This is straight out of a bad episode of CSI or something.

BUT, guess who is thrown into the mix to make it sound more legit than it normally would? Wendy O’Connor (remember her? Kurt’s mom?). Isaiah reported that in 2015 she had a conversation with him about how she believed that Courtney had something to do with Kurt’s death. She warned him that Courtney was manipulative and was not to be trusted and encouraged him to get his shit together and watch the aforementioned Soaked In Bleach.

WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? This is INSANE. I have so many questions. Is Frances okay? Is sure turning into her mother? If this stuff is true, Courtney is so brazen and reckless. I cannot imagine coming up with these plots and recruiting people (famous people, nonetheless) to act out her whims. I get that she’s a star, but c’mon (this is coming from someone whos till listens to Hole on occasion). WHEN WILL SHE BE STOPPED?

If you need to dig deeper, here are the court records, ready for your perusal.




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