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Paris: The City of Baguettes, Striped Shirts and Old Sh*t

Striped shirts, baguettes, and smoking cigarettes. A LOT of cigarettes, in fact. The city where every woman looks like they’re walking on a catwalk. Nary a building from this century. This is what I imagined Paris to be like and it’s exactly what I got. […]

Brightside Booklist + The One Show You Should Be Watching

Home Is Burning by Dan Marshall You wouldn’t expect it with a title like this, but this addition to the Brightside Booklist was FUNNY. What’s funny about a mom living with cancer and a father suddenly diagnosed with ALS, you say? Well, lots of things. […]

Cemetery burials, New Orleans styles

Cemetery burials, New Orleans styles

When I hopped off that plane, I wanted to squeal right over to the nearest cemetery. New Orleans=mandatory cemetery tour, right? Well, there are A LOT of them and we only had time for one. My family tolerates my cemetery obsession, but aren’t as interested […]

Brightside Booklist

Brightside Booklist

The Indifferent Stars Above: The Harrowing Saga of a Donner Party Bride by Daniel James Brown Ever heard of the term “gastronomic incest”? No? I hadn’t either, but I definitely got schooled on the topic while reading this one. This book about the Donner Party […]

Need a Happy Cry? Check Out These Four Stories

Death, despair, tragedy, and misfortune are normally my JAM, right? Well, I’ve got to say that right now, I’m kind of over it. Not totally over it (don’t worry), but sometimes I need a reminder that the world isn’t completely full of a-holes. Don’t worry, […]

New Orleans, Brightside Style

New Orleans, Brightside Style

I had been wanting to go to New Orleans for years and it never seemed to happen. Flights were always expensive, we have a small kid (it’s hard to party on Bourbon Street with a kid, right?) and, well, the timing was never right. Enter […]

Three Memoirs To Read Right Now

Three Memoirs To Read Right Now

I’m not sure what my problem was, but between the months of January and June I only read one book. ONE BOOK. This is a problem, people. I have always considered myself to be a master of flying through books and I may have even […]

How to Tell If You’re a Psychopath, Part 2

While searching the internet for a photo of Jeffrey Dahmer (because I’m sure no one knows what he looks like), I came upon a category titled “Jeffrey Dahmer CUTE.” This is one of the photos listed in that category: Now, I’m not sure about you, […]

How to Tell If You’re a Psychopath

“You ruined this for kids. I will applaud when you die.” Who was the recipient of these words, you ask? John Wayne Gacy. What did he ruin for kids, you ask (besides their lives)? He ruined clowns and Eric Hickey, Ph.D. wanted to make sure […]

How to be the sweetest mother-daughter family NEVER.

Imagine being trapped in a wheelchair for nearly 20 years and being told not to walk, let alone move your legs. Being coerced to play the part of a leukemia and muscular dystrophy patient. To act as if you are five years behind your peers […]

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