Appreciating the dark side of life since 1975.

What’s the brightside?

I’ve been sitting around thinking about what to write in this very first blog post. One of my finest traits is WAY overthinking things, thereby causing me to stall out and NEVER GET ANYWHERE. Since that approach is counterproductive to what I’m trying to do here, I’m just going to go for it. As you may have read on my About page, I have a tendency to enjoy things that aren’t, shall we say, fun? Or joyful? Or NORMAL, even? Do regular people get a kick out of crawling into a busted up tomb in a cemetery in New Orleans, just to see what’s going on? (By the way, there’s not much going on in there, but that’s a story for later.)

The intial purpose of this blog was to write about books that I enjoy, which tend to be of a particular variety. For instance,  right now I’m reading a nonfiction book about a woman who married some guy who had previously been convicted of murdering a woman. She married him anyway (whaaa?) and he proceeded to go ahead and commit another horrendous crime shortly after they married (shocking!!!). It seems to me like this would be a no-brainer. Why would she marry him in the first place? She must have been naive, insane or taken advantage of, right? This is the sort of conundrum that I like to sit and think about WAY too much. I find all sorts of conundrums like this in the news, while traveling, in history and, well, just because I’m nosy. NO doubt about it, being nosy is my thing.

Moving forward, this blog will be a mish-mash of things that I can’t stop myself from sharing. Are these things weird, depressing or unecessary to blabber on about? Maybe to some folks, but not me. I’m the kind of person that is more appreciative of the brightside of life with a little bit of dark for contrast (or in my case, A LOT of dark).

I can’t be the only one that feels this way, can I?






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